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Shop, working at, is led by:

Paradizzo Sp. z o.o.
ul. Nadrzeczna 7A, EACC D126,D124, 
05-552 Wólka Kosowska
ul. Poznańska 3 lok.13 
00-680 Warszawa 
NIP: 1132866642
Regon: 146729682 
Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.


2.1. Online shop located at, is used to make purchases of selected original articles of clothing through the Internet.

2.2. Shopping in our online shop ZEPHYR may be made only by persons of age. Essential condition for their purchases are properly filled in the order form on page, choice of payment methods and send order.

2.3. Contained on the pages catalog prices are only an invitation to tender within the meaning of. 71 Civil Code and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of. 66 Civil Code. Catalog of products presented does not constitute an offer to trade within the meaning of the Civil Code and is informational only.

2.4. Adoption by each online store you order is confirmed by e-mail or telephone to the service shop. A contract of sale occurs at the time of confirmation of order by the ZEPHYR.

2.5. Purchaser may make any adjustments to the contract only until the final confirmation during a telephone conversation with the consultant service department of online store ZEPHYR.

2.6. By sending the order, the Purchaser declares that has read the Rules of the store, especially with the possibility of withdrawing from a contract, in accordance with the Act of 2 March 2000 "On the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products," (Acts . U. 2000 No. 22, item. 271) and accepts its provisions.

2.7. Online shop ZEPHYR takes orders around the clock every day of the year. Orders placed on Sundays and public holidays will be processed in order of their submission on the first working day following the date on which the contract was made.

2.8. ZEPHYR Company reserves the right to reject incorrectly or not completely filled forms. Orders will also be rejected if:

a. within 7 days of placing an order will not be paid in the proper amount of transfer or

b. The shipment is not received from the courier.

2.9. Orders in the online store ZEPHYR be performed worldwide. Orders orders can be submitted in English or Polish. Our product range ZEPHYR valid around the world.

2.10. Prices quoted in the online store ZEPHYR prices are expressed in Polish zlotys (PLN) and include VAT. ZEPHYR reserves the right to change prices without prior notification to the Purchaser, provided that price changes do not apply to contracts in progress. The price given for each commodity is binding at the time of confirmation of order by the service shop. If the price stated in the order confirmation is different from the money contained in the online store, the customer has the right to abandon the contract.

2.11. ZEPHYR leading online store sale document, which is a receipt or invoice VAT.
2.12. Order will be completed provided that the product is available in the store or catalog suppliers. In the case of unavailability of the goods covered by the contract, the Purchaser shall be informed of the status of your order and decide on how to implement the (partial implementation, the waiting time, cancellation of all orders).

2.13. There is an absolute ban on the provision by ZEPHYR illegal contents.


3.1. Delivery of ordered goods is carried out via the Polish post or courier service.

3.2. ZEPHYR will examine your order not later than 72 working hours from the time an order by the Purchaser by completing and sending the order form available on our website, subject to paragraph 2.7, however, this period may be extended if a large number contracts.

3.3. Consideration of your order is:

3.3.1. ZEPHYR checked the completeness of the data sent,

3.3.2. contacted, either electronically or by telephone with the Purchaser to confirm these data and the quantity, type and price of ordered goods.

If the Purchaser confirms all of the information, the order will be finally accepted, which will be notified via e-mail messages. After the final acceptance of the contract can no longer modify it.

3.4. The final acceptance of the contract means that the Purchaser shall be sent to the merchandise. When payment is by bank transfer, goods will be sent to the Purchaser, when the bill will affect ZEPHYR appropriate. At the time of transfer into the hands of a courier delivery, the Purchaser is informed by e-mail of this fact and the number of packages, the expected time of delivery and the number of issued invoices / bills.

3.5. At the time of arrival Purchaser shall have the right to verify the contents of the package in the presence of the employees serving. If the consignment does not contain specified in the contract for goods, merchandise is ordered or a different product is damaged, the Purchaser shall have the right not to accept the consignment, which shall promptly notify by telephone ZEPHYR.

Under the framework, the buyer will receive the specified email address when logging messages on the products ordered by him. With the exception of information relating to the cancellation of the contract on the customers request or because of lack of goods, all e-mails containing order number, a list of the goods ordered, the amount and manner of payment chosen and the manner of delivery, as well as the consignee.
Order confirmation - when the total acceptance of the ordered products, payment and receipt, the customer receives information confirming order. It contains the order number, description of selected goods, the chosen mode of payment and receipt, stating the destination address.
Transfer payment - If payment is chosen by the customer, customer can receive two types of information, depending on whether the transfer went successfully or not. In the latter case, the e-mail message contains a request to retry the payment.

Payment on delivery - package is then sent through the mail for collection.

No confirmation of the transfer - in a situation when successive attempts to pay by bank transfer or credit card is unsuccessful, the client receives adequate information on the breakdown, with a request to contact Customer Service, and provided that the implementation of the ordered items have been suspended until the clarification of the situation.

Partial completion of the contract - You may also be the case if not all ordered items are available. In this case, the client receives a message with information on what items have been completed and its responsibility to decide whether to cancel the entire order, whether implemented in the form in which it is possible at any given time. Depending on the decision taken by the buyer will receive an email confirming the total cancellation of the contract, or certificate of completion is not complete. If the customer does not take any decision on the partial completion of the contract within 4 days, the contract is automatically canceled, as the customer is notified of the appropriate electronic message.

Completion and send the contract - after completing a total of ordered items and being sent, the client receives a message confirming this fact and at the same time informing, after which the minimum time the shipment should be delivered to the addressee.
Cancellations - In case of cancellation of the contract at the express request of the client or the absence of the ordered goods in the warehouse, the buyer receives the relevant information together with the reasons for cancellation.


4.1. If, after receipt of goods, the Purchaser will find technical defects that may receive benefits directly from the manufacturers warranty or product in the indicated sites (for products covered by manufacturers warranty).

4.2. In case of mechanical damage, occurred during the delivery, claims must be sent directly to the vendor. Purchaser must return the defective product to the address appearing on the ZEPHYR store receipt. Shop does not accept any parcels sent COD.

4.3. For the advertised goods must be accompanied by a document of purchase.
4.4. Complaints are at the latest within 14 days of receipt of the consignment shop to your product.

4.5. In the case of justified complaint, defective product will be repaired or replaced by another full value and if it is impossible (for example, due to the exhaustion of the product), the store will pay the buyer the equivalent price of the product or offer him other goods available in shops to choose from. The complaint should include a description of the defect of the goods and the day of emergence defects.

4.6. Any money refund will be made by bank transfer.


ZEPHYR observe safety procedures as required by law.


ZEPHYR does not accept returns of goods.


7.1. Fill in the form of contract is equivalent to consent to the processing of personal data by the Purchaser ZEPHYR Poland SA (in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection matters. U. Nr 133, poz. 883.). Customer personal data will be processed only for the purpose of your order, including billing and pursuit of financial reporting. These data are confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

7.2. Buyer personal data protected under the Law on personal data shall not be transferred, resold or lent to other persons or institutions are necessary to fulfill the purchase contract - the sale of goods and services.

7.3. Access to the data controller has only an online store - ZEPHYR.
7.4. Any buyer who completed the order form has access to data concerning him in order to review, modify or request their removal by writing to the administrator

8.1. ZEPHYR Company reserves the right to:

a. changes in prices and quantities of goods on sale online store during the day,

b. The withdrawal of products from various online store offers ZEPHYR,

c. The introduction of new products to offer an online store ZEPHYR,

d. carry out and remove all kinds of promotional events and sales.

8.2. In matters not regulated by these Regulations shall apply the provisions of the Civil Code.

8.3. Contract for the sale of goods is concluded in accordance with Polish law and the Polish language.

8.4. Court competent to hear disputes arising under the contract of sale is the court competent for the seat of the defendant or the court competent for the place of execution.