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Frequently Asked Questions



1. Can I buy a pack of a product, but in one size ?

If there is no option to choose the size, it means that you cannot.

2. Can I buy a pack of a product, but each with a different design?

Such a possibility does not exist, unless the package itself contains a variety of designs. There is also no choice of designs in the package.

3. How much do i have to order to have no shipping costs?

There is no option "no shipping costs". However, you may get product discounts, which eventually will exceed shipping costs.

4. What does the option "random" mean?

It means a package of products, which are all in one colour or size. You get a random package.

5. What i the minimum order?

The minimum order is 100zł. We do not fill orders lower than 100zł.

6. 48 hours shipping waranty

We ship orders withing 48 hours from the moment of the order confirmation or payment confirmation, Saturdays and holidays excluding.

7. Shipping costs: payment in advance 19zł, payment upon delicery 21zł:

The shipping costs are the following: payment in advance 19zł, payment upon delivery 21zł. It refers to packages up to 31,5kg. The shipping company is Siódemka.


8. Return and exchanges:

Please post all returns and exchanges to the following address:

ul. Nadrzeczna 7A EACC D119
05-552 Wólka Kosowska

Shipment is made on your own expense. Please do not use the address of the invoice.